the monstrous citadel

Coming 11/05/2019

The Monstrous Citadel is the sequel to Mirah Bolender's City of Broken Magic—a fast-paced, adventure fantasy where a bomb squad defuses the magic weapons of a long forgotten war.

Amicae, City of Sweepers, survived the Falling Infestation which nearly destroyed it thanks to the efforts of Laura and Okane. While the ancient monsters have been beaten back for the moment, new and more monstrous dangers face them in the form of belligerent bureaucracy, dangerous gangs, grasping Sweepers bent on personal glory . . .

And Rex, the City of Kings, who breed their own kind of monstrosity.

Laura and Okane must go to Rex to reclaim the secret weaponry that keeps Amicae safe and come face to face with a horrifying truth about Rex and their designs on all of Orien's cities.


Released 11/20/18

Five hundred years ago, Magi created a weapon they couldn’t control. An infestation that ate magic—and anything else it came into contact with. Enemies and allies were equally filling.

Only an elite team of non-magical humans, known as Sweepers, can defuse and dispose of infestations before they spread. Most die before they finish training.

Laura, a new team member, has stayed alive longer than most. Now she’s the last—and only—Sweeper standing between the city and a massive infestation.

“Terrifying shadow monsters haunt a vividly rendered working-class present with the sins of generations past. A thrilling ride, with promise of deeper mysteries to come.”
                                  - Max Gladstone, Hugo Award Finalist
“This debut builds a fascinating setting that readers will want to keep coming back to.”
                                 -Publishers Weekly, starred review
"City of Broken Magic explores what happens *after* the familiar heroes have gone, and the importance of those who remain to begin again."
-Fran Wilde, Hugo and Nebula Finalist
Copyright 2018 Mirah Bolender | Cover Artwork by Tony Mauro
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